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Monthly Download Subscription
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No more standing in line for sermon CD's!

Now you can automatically receive Pastor Charles'  weekly audio messages on your computer or mobile device. Simply sign up for our subscription plan and you'll receive access to his messages every week.

Download mixed, mastered and better-than-CD quality messages wherever there's an internet connection. Your account will be auto-debited $20 every month, and you'll have access to the sermon archive as long as you're a member.

Sign up today to receive access to every Wednesday and a Weekend audio messages, and you'll get instant access to Pastor Charles' best-selling series, "Kings & Priests" and "I Will Restore" for free!

Once you purchase your subscription navigate to the "Store" button on the main menu. Your audio files will be available at the "My Subscription" page.

*Dramas, Guest Speakers, Special Events & Concerts will not be included for download. Pastor Charles messages only.