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Product List
Building Your Life - 6 CD Series
Building Your Life - 6 CD Series
Item code BYL03
Price $42.00
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Through this series, you will learn...

  • How to build your life on the foundations God has laid inside of you.
  • What it means to have the "hand of God upon you for good".
  • That the life you build lives beyond your lifetime.
  • About the ten "gates" that you must build in your life in order to obtain the life God wants you to have.
  • How to overcome the people and obstacles that will oppose you as you build the life God desires for you.
  • What to do when people mock your dreams.
  • How to build with one hand and fight with the other hand.
  • How getting "in debt" emotionally, socially and financially to the wrong people can stop you from building your life.